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We're on a mission to build the first podcasting platform dedicated to engaging diverse audiences, with diverse content, from diverse podcasters.

So many amazing podcasters struggle to secure sponsorships, expand their reach, and maintain consistency with their shows because of financial challenges. The Colorcast Podcast Network is fixing that, offering all of its shows a production stipend of $1,000/mo. (or more) for being on the network.

You focus on your content, we help with everything else. Interested in learning more? Submit information about your podcast and receive and invitation to our next digital open house.


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  • Podcast submissions will be open until October 1st, 2020.

  • Once you've submitted your preliminary application, you'll be invited to a private Q&A session with the Colorcast Production Team.

  • Any and all podcasts with diverse founders OR diverse perspectives can apply. 

  • We are looking for the following podcast topics: business, finance, entrepreneurship, news/current events, culture/lifestyle, global news, education, psychology/wellness, career, sports/entertainment, political commentary.

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October 1st, 2020 by Midnight

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How is the Colorcast Network different from other podcast platforms like iTunes and Spotify?

The Colorcast Network will has three distinct features that are different from some of the most popular podcast networks out there. 1. The Colorcast Network's primary goal is to curate the best podcasts from diverse hosts around the world. We've found that it's difficult to find diverse content on the major platforms that are already out there. 2. Rather than simply hosting your podcast on our platform, the Colorcast Network is paying all of its shows a production stipend to host their show on our network. This way, our Colorcasters can focus on producing the best content and building a monetized business around their podcast. 3. Sponsorship is on us! You can still identify sponsors for your podcast, but you don't have to. Our team will do the work to identify and onboard network sponsors. If they're in alignment with your content, we'll increase you production stipend and tastefully place their add on our site. If you're a podcaster and you'd like to learn even more about our key differences, apply to be on the network so that you can attend our next digital open house.

My podcast is already on another network. Can I also be on the Colorcast Network?

Absolutely! You can still host your podcast on other platforms, however, we will require that the content hosted on our network is exclusive. That means we shouldn't be able to find those select episodes on any other platform.

I just started my podcast and only have a few episodes. Can I still apply?

For sure! As long as you have at least 3 episodes of content that we can evaluate, you can apply. We want to get a feel for your content, and having at least 3 episodes up will give our content team an idea of your voice, style, and perspective.

I need resources and help starting my podcast. Can the Colorcast Network help?

Unfortunately, not. We are launching a network of podcasts from hosts that have a bit more skin in the game. That said, there are numerous resources online and on YouTube that can help you get started. Once you have a few episodes that you're proud of, apply!

What do you mean by "diverse" podcasters?

We definitely want to highlight more Asian, African American, Latinx, and global voices on our platform. Beyond that, we're also looking for podcasters with their own unique perspectives, who are diverse in other ways. The goal is to help diversify the podcasting landscape in a variety of ways. Just know that we're not looking for podcasters who are an extension of the 'main stream' narrative. If you have a unique angle or perspective on a topic, we'd welcome your application!

If we aren't accepted to the network, will we be able to apply during another round?

Yes! We will provide feedback to all of the shows who are not selected to launch with us. The feedback will include a rationale for why we believe your show wasn't ideal for the network. If you'd like to make adjustments to your show and resubmit, we would welcome that. However, keep in mind that we want all podcasters to be true to their own voice and perspective. Just because you don't make it on our network, doesn't mean that anything needs to be changed to your show. We value all perspectives, but your angle just may not be in alignment with our vision for the network.

I'm not a podcaster, but I'd like to inquire about becoming a partner or sponsor. Who can I contact?

Shoot an email to team@colorcastnetwork.com and we'll be more than happy to connect you to our Partnerships/Sponsorships team.

Do you partner with podcast events?

Absolutely! Podcast events typically invite us to speak on panels about diversity in podcasting. They also share our information with their audience as a part of continuing the effort to diversify the podcasting industry. If you know of an event that we should partner with, let us know!

I have another question that wasn't answered here. Who can I contact?

Send an email to team@colorcastnetwork.com and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions!

How can I stay connected to information about the launch?

There are two ways you can stay connected with us. Follow the Colorcast Network page on Instagram at www.instagram.com/colorcastnetwork, or subscribe to our "updates" list in the footer of this website.

Will the Colorcast Network own my intellectual property?

Absolutely not! We will never own any of your work in any form. We only ask that the shows submitted to our platform are exclusive and follow the guidelines that we have for quality and excellence. We have an education program for our Colorcasters to make sure that your podcasts meet our standards. But no, we will NEVER own your content.

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