Happy New Year Colorcasters!

Updated: Jan 11

On behalf of the team at the Colorcast Network, we’d like to extend a warm “welcome back” and Happy New Year! Last year was a challenge, but we are hopeful that with a renewed sense of focus and excitement, our efforts will be even more fruitful.

Despite a few setbacks that were out of our control, we are proud to announce that this will be the year of our official launch. We have done the hard work of identifying promising content, vetting amazing podcasters from around the WORLD, and redesigning a pre-launch experience that will ensure that our future members are satisfied… even blown away, with what YOU will be offering.

Thank you for your patience, ideas, suggestions, and insights. They have been much appreciated! Now, let’s lock in and do what we have to do to make this project a success.


  • Colorcast Founding Team