Monthly Meetings Have Begun!

Updated: Jan 11

Hey there Colorcasters!

We will begin monthly meetings starting in January of this 2021. During these meetings we will be discussing your progress on getting ready for launch, providing resources and information about your show’s progress, and providing you with relevant information and updates about the status of the network.

These meetings will be PACKED with information, so make sure that you attend all of the meetings that you are available for. We understand that we have international shows and other people with work schedules who may not be able to attend the monthly meetings. Recordings will be added to the intranet for your reference. It is your responsibility to either attend the meetings live or watch the recordings in a timely manner to stay up to date with vital information. We will not be able to provide one-on-one meetings and Q&A sessions for people who miss the meetings.

If we find that you are not registering for meetings and not completing your pre-launch tasks in a timely manner, your spot on the network may be terminated.

The first meeting of the year will be held on January 21st. See you there!


  • Colorcast Founding Team