The New Colorcaster Intranet

Updated: Jan 11

Hey there Colorcasters!

In an effort to centralize all updates and communications for our Colorcasters, we have launched an internal intranet that will have all of the relevant information you need to know in one place. Here are a few things you need to know about the intranet:

Access- Access the intranet with the code that was sent to you via email. This unique password is the only way you will have access to the intranet pages that are relevant to you. Do not share this password with anyone outside of your organization/show.

Events and Meetings- All future meetings, events, and workshops for Colorcasters will be posted on the intranet. You will be able to view important information and register all in one place. Event/meeting updates, links and reminders will all be sent to you AFTER you RSVP. It is the responsibility of ALL of your show hosts to check the intranet for upcoming meetings and to register. We will plan to record all monthly meetings and will have the recordings in this folder for review if you cannot attend.

Important Links- We have placed important links to documents and resources that you will need to access regularly. Additional links will be added over time. Simply click the icon and it will take you to the appropriate resource.

Q&A- If you have any questions regarding the pre-launch program or anything related to your show, simply use the Q&A box on the intranet page. We want all questions to be public to avoid duplicating efforts in answering questions. In a few months, we will review the questions that have come in and will create an official FAQs section. Our team will respond to questions once a week.

Show Portal- Your show will now have an official portal, which will help us track your progress in getting ready for launch. Important forms, documents, and tasks will be assigned via your portal. To gain access to your portal simply use the PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS for your show that you used to complete your Portal Form (that was sent in a previous email). No password is required to access your show’s portal. You can also communicate privately with the Colorcast Team regarding specific questions and your show. Remember, if you have a question that may be relevant for other Colorcasters, use the Q&A box on the intranet page.

That’s it! If you have any questions, let us know. We’re looking forward to a streamlined experience when working with you this year.


  • Colorcast Founding Team